Lombok's Guide

Lombok is the most popular destination in Nusa Tenaggara – a province in South Central Indonesia.  Visitors head here for both underwater and on-land exploration. Situated east of Bali, it can be accessed by plane or boat. The island consists of virginal sandy beaches and a hilly terrain, fringed by mesmerizing azure shores, making it a favourite destination for trekking, surfing and beach lounging.

Tours offer in Lombok

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Graha Ayu Hotel Lombok 2 stars

Graha Ayu Hotel Lombok

Graha Ayu Hotel Lombok is an ideal place to stay and offers quality ..

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Tastura Beach Resort Hotel Lombok 2 stars

Tastura Beach Resort Hotel Lombok

Tastura Beach Resort Hotel Lombok is an ideal holiday destination and a perfect ..

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Bukit Senggigi Hotel Lombok 2 stars

Bukit Senggigi Hotel Lombok

Bukit Senggigi Hotel Lombok is situated in the center of Senggigi. The hotel ..

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Kuta Indah Hotel Lombok 2 stars

Kuta Indah Hotel Lombok

Kuta Indah Hotel Lombok enjoys a beautiful beachfront location on the Pantai ..

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Hotel Graha Senggigi Beach 3 stars

Hotel Graha Senggigi Beach

This hotel offers a convenient and friendly base from which to explore the ..

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Bintang Senggigi Hotel Lombok 3 stars

Bintang Senggigi Hotel Lombok

Bintang Senggigi Hotel Lombok is situated overlooking the beach and amidst a ..

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