Lombok Festivals & Events

Lombok Festivals & Events
From religious beliefs to revelry indulgence, Lombok's captivating culture attracts a traveler with all its spells and bounds. Being a doorway to east Indonesia Lombok Festivals & Events has lot to offer starting from Balinese ceremonial rituals to Sasak's traditional ethnicities. The province shares a common bonding between varied ethnic groups residing here like the Sasak, Balinese Hindu and Arabs that carry their own share of customary values to follow.
The native rejoices in the carousing of several Lombok Festivals & Events that holds in harmony the unique customary values, morals, costumes, processions, decorations and ways of life.

Bau Nyale Festival is the most celebrated ritual among the Lombok Festivals & Events that are held in its southern lying beaches. It calls for the unison of moon, wind and tide that brings along colorful sea worms known as Nyales or eels that serve both their fortune as well as their feast principles.

Among the celebrated Lombok Festivals & Events, one can participate in the Gendang Beleg Festival where the native troupes congregate for a competition. The festival is incomplete without the performance of bamboo flutes, drums and percussions.

Peraja Nyongkolang, yet another important event in Lombok is a wonderful procession carried during the wedding of young native couple. Palanquin adorned with fantasy animals carry bride and groom together in the ongoing procession.

Peraja Sepaer is the local function held for approaching age of adolescent boys where they are carried in palanquin festooned with a flying tiger or a car or any modern vehicle, which passes through the entire village thereby observing the boy's circumcision.

Independence Day is one of the esteemed festivals held in Lombok Festivals & Events, which is held in the month of 17 August. Games like pole climbing, concerts, dance presentations and fête marketplace are common attractions to see.

Celebrated annually as per the lunar calendar especially in December, this festival of Perang Topat is noted as a symbolic 'war' ceremony. It shows gratitude towards the Almighty God for the fertile lushness. It is said that the society of Sasak Wetu Telu and Balinese Hindu hurl steamed rice wrapped in coconut leaves known as topat at one another.
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