Lombok Flora And Fauna

Lombok Flora And Fauna
The fictive ”Wallace Line” which separates Asia from Australia runs north-south between the island of Bali and Lombok.
From the island of Lombok eastward, land becomes drier and less fertile. Also, the flora and fauna changes from the rest of Asia. Forests in west Nusa Tenggara are found mostly in mountain areas. Large parts of the Lombok mainland are coastal wetlands, irrigated fields and other wetlands. Extensive dry land areas are found on the island of Sumbawa. Species of plants growing in West Nusa Tenggara have specific importance for the life of the people. Species of plants found in the forests are Kesambi, Bungur, Sonokeling, Mahoni (Mahogani), Teak, Kelicung, Pala, Ipil and Bamboo Tutul. The island has the flower Dysspyros macrophylla as its symbol. Wild animals found on the island include wild pigs, small deer, deer, iguanas, porcupines, turtles and many kinds of poisonous snakes. Many kinds of bird are found here including Pring, Parrots, Bering, Koak Kaok, Cucak Rawa.
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