Pulau Moyo Reserve

Pulau Moyo Reserve
Lombok is a small island in the archipelago of Indonesia. It is a part of the southern chain of islets that form the border of the Indian Ocean. Lombok is rich with the bounties of nature and has a very calm ambiance that attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. The enthralling beaches and the exotic landscapes of the place help the travelers to relax ad forget all the worries of life. Towrads the eastern zone of Lombok, the island Sumbawa is located and it holds the Pulau Moyo Reserve. This Reserve has become a very popular tourist site.
Sumbawa is a very beautiful island with its mountainous climate and wonderful natural sceneries. It is also considered as an important bridge between the islands of Lombok and Komodo. The marvelous coastal beaches and the spectacular coral reefs are the main attractions for the tourists. The Pulau Moyo Reserve is a big example of the coral reefs. It is a Nature Rserve in this region and hold eye-catching examples of animals and vegetation.

The Pulau Moyo Nature Reserve is located in the northwestern coast of Lombok island. The Reserve protects and propagates various unique species of animals including unique coral reefs, different species of turtles and various other varieties of wild animals. Not only animals, but several unique species of plants are also reserved in the Pulau Moyo Nature Reserve, Lombok. Roaming around the Nature Reserve in itself is a thrilling experience.

The Pulau Moyo Reserve also offers you some adventurous experiences. The crystal clear water of the sea near Pulau Moyo Reserve is irresistible and you can’t stop yourself from plunging into the sea and swim for hours. Swimming is not the only one source of enjoyment. You can also enjoy the adventure of boating in the Pulau Moyo Reserve surrounding by the deep forest.

Don’t waste much time in planning and execute your plan and visit Lombok. You ill definitely enjoy the trip. Besides the Pulau Moyo Reserve in Lombok, there are many other attractions also such as the Gunung Rinjani National Park, and many exotic beaches and all.
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