Tanjung Aan Lombok

Tanjung Aan Lombok
The breathtaking landscapes of Lombok (an island located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara), the mountains, the beaches, the unbroken stretch of sand, Mount Rinjani, that overlooks this island compels one to select this place for the winter or the summer vacations or enforces one to finalize this place as far as the holidays are concerned.
If you are enamored by the water sports then Lombok is the best place to be as it gives you the scope to try your hand at diving, snorkeling and surf sports.

To the south coast of Lombok lies the Kuta Beach. The Tanjung Aan, Paradise for beach lovers is a splendiferous area near the Kuta Beach. The outstanding feature of the Tanjung Aan is that the sand of its beaches resembles pepper. This beach provides one with ample opportunity to have a gala affair with his/her friends or beloved or family. The only negative aspect that can be associated with this beach is that at this place there remains the chance of getting hassled by the hawkers, who belong to the teenage group

The bay of Tanjung Aan stretches for a kilometre and the giant waves that break on the shore are a treat to the eyes. The turquoise seawater, the bamboo rafts on which the seawood is grown and the wide sand beaches arouses in you the desire to unfold the hidden secrets of this beach.

If you have decided to make a trip to the Tanjung Aan Lombok, then on the way you may stop over and visit the Awang Village. This village offers you the chance to form an idea about the age-old traditions that have been preserved by the inhabitants of the Awang Village. After a visit to this village and the Tanjung Aan, if you wish you can head towards the Kuta beach that is set against the backdrop of the rugged hills. The Kuta Beach is underdeveloped and is less populated but nonetheless it has its own charm and beauty.

Your vacation in Lombok would remain incomplete without a visit to this beach. For a tour to these places you can hire a car.
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