Tanjung Luar Lombok

Tanjung Luar Lombok
If Lombok is on your mind for this holiday season, then you have definitely have made a wise choice. Visit Lombok and come back with innumerable cherished memories. This small island is part of one of the most diverse Asian countries with two major archipelagos and sixty smaller archipelagos. This area has around 400 volcanoes amongst which 100 are active ones. Lombok, though much lesser known than Bali or Java is so attractive, that it is surprising that Lombok has languished in obscurity for so long.
It has everything to take your breath away, endless pristine beaches, picturesque villages, interesting native customs, modern cities and fishing ports like Tanjung Luar.

Indonesian economy relies a great deal on sea fishing. It is the same story with other island countries too, natural resources are plundered with abandon. Lombok has many attractions which are teeming with tourists out on a holiday. Tanjung Luar, Lombok is not large when we compare it to the fishing ports in Europe or other parts of Asia, but its quaint charms unfailingly make an impression on the minds of the people visit this off beat spot. This is exactly the word for Tanjung Luar! It is off beat. It is a fishing port and an important one too. Situated on the eastern coast of Lombok, the natural beauty of this place is without parallel. The whole island has revealed to the world some glorious beaches and a magnificent active volcano, Mount Rinjani as well as rich and diverse forests. This fishing port will give a break from the rigors of city life, you will be able to appreciate the splendor as well as the vagaries of nature. Each day will bring its new surprises and each evening will end with your rendezvous with nature.

Tanjung Luar, Lombok has a very interesting coastline. And some good surf breaks are also nearby. See how the sea breaks on the coast, reconnect with yourself. Take long strolls with the mildness of the dying sun as your companion and guide. See the fishing vessels dancing with the waves, the local fishermen with their simple life style and all the business of a fishing port. This port will not offer you very sophisticated restaurants or hotels, so make do with the ones available. Above all, keep in mind, Tanjung Luar will allow to better understanding and connectivity with yourself.
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