The Magnet Lombok

The Magnet Lombok
The diving spot of Magnet in South Lombok is more like a pinnacle in the assailable sea which is surging upwards to the surface from an approximate depth of 80m. One can also see the big fishes in action the species of mackerel; rainbow runner, tuna and barracuda accompany you in your diving ventures. Simultaneously you will come across white tip sharks, black tip sharks, and grey reef sharks and if you are lucky enough then you may catch a glimpse of the hammerhead sharks too.
This diving site being a dangerous place is mostly meant for ace divers and not for amateurs.

The Magnet dive site in south Lombok also popularly known as the Hammerhead point is mostly open to adept and expert divers who can cope properly with the stronger currents and surge which are otherwise of a pretty fierce nature. As mentioned earlier this dive site protruding out from about 50m depth lies in the sea entirely exposed and is reachable by a 30minute boat ride. As a matter of fact while diving here you are suggested to be careful as large crashing waves resulting in prominent surges can be experienced from 20m below and thus for safety sake it’s advisable to dive safely below 15m due to the bubbles soaring upwards in the water including the safety stops which are distanced from the rock (meant for experienced divers only). In case the currents are not so strong then you can attempt diving by advancing like zigzagging back to and fro between east and west border where the southern currents are strongly felt. Other than just diving experiences you can also come across the fascinating large pelagics like the hammerheads, white tip sharks, mackerels and barracudas, which will be a part of your life as you go diving.

Concerning fiercer currents the diving zone becomes narrow and the currents on your side tend to push you to the middle of the sheer wall and though you can take a plunge during weak currents session but struggling with the currents and surge will invariably play its role. Magnet in Lombok is a destination having something to offer for varied type of taste and interests. Even if you don’t share the same passion of diving as others, then also you will find yourself appreciating this diving spot for the varied type of fishes and sharks and other colorful life forms. The variety of types of fishes that Magnet has to offer are, large dog tooth tunas, mobulas (manta rays), and eagle rays, while the types of sharks that one gets to see over here are white tips, hammerheads, barracudas etc. If you are not an ace diver then it’s better not to dive from Magnet diving spot as it’s too dangerous at times and is less sheltered compared to the other diving sites. Magnet being one of the most popular diving sites is always known to have satisfied its divers and tourists in Lombok.
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