Trawangan Island Lombok

Trawangan Island Lombok
If you have a relaxing holiday on your mind, then this time spend it in Lombok. If you are wondering where on earth is Lombok, let us assure you that this island just beside Bali in Indonesia will take your breath away! Bali though very beautiful is now over exposed with thousands visiting the island each year, Lombok on the other hand is waiting to be discovered. Lombok Strait separates Lombok from Bali, this strait is very deep with whirlpools.
Lombok is not very large but the island has one of the highest mountain in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani. This active volcano has a crater lake much revered by the locals and a National Park which is literally a treasure of diverse flora and fauna. When in Lombok, spend some time in Trawangan Island or Gili Trawangan Island. This island is nothing if not paradise!

Lombok can be reached by ferry from Bali or by air. When you are on Gili Trawangan, Lombok, the difference with Bali will strike you immediately. Bali though attractive and offers a good relaxing vacation, the fact is that this island has become too westernized and commercialized. Lombok is all pristine with an untouched air about her, with vibrant local customs and traditions. Trawangan Island or Gili Trawangan Island is situated on the furthest western side of Lombok’s mainland. Of all the Lombok islands, this island is the most well developed. You will find white sand beaches tempting enough to sunbathe all day, by the way, do remember that you have to make do with sticky salt water for showers. There is no fresh water on the island and no catchments where rainwater is collected, all the water for cooking and drinking are brought from outside, that is, the mainland. The plus point of this is that there are no mosquitoes on the island, mosquitoes require only fresh water to breed.

Earlier, before Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok was discovered by tourists, only local fishermen lived here. But deep sea fishing is not the only claim to fame in Lombok’s case. The island is surrounded by an aquatic paradise. The undersea coral gardens impart a sense of awe in those who care to dive deep and see the beauty of Creation. Tropical blooms and trees are in abundance, in fact the submarine area is a divers delight. You can spend your time by indulging yourself in a message, snorkel, sunbathe or explore the island thorough. And if you think that your swanky car will be a part of the itinerary, then think again, no cars are allowed on the island. After all, walking is the best form of exercise! Alternately you can use a cycle or take a horse drawn carriage. There are many hotels suiting different budgets and restaurants too, just make your own decision. Dance the night away or fantasize under the star lit sky!
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