Youth Fountain Lombok

Youth Fountain Lombok
Youth Fountain, Lombok promises to give the sincere worshippers of Lord Shiva, everlasting youth. There is only one pre – condition to it, you should visit the Taman Narmada with faith in the supreme power and purity in your soul.
The Youth Fountain, Lombok is located in the Taman Narmada or the Narmada Park, built by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem in the year 1727. You must have heard about pilgrims making the journey to reach God. But have you heard about a pilgrim who made God come to him? The king was such a worshipper of Lord Shiva. He had this wish to make a pilgrimage to the Mount Rinjani, 3,726 meters high. Age not permitting, he made the exact replica of the mountain, along with the Segara Anak Lake in the mountain’s crater. The “fountain of youth” is made near this lake.

Being located in the beautiful island of Lombok in Indonesia, the Youth Fountain remains one of the most important destinations for the travelers to Indonesia.

Transportation to the Youth Fountain, Lombok

The best time to travel to the Youth Fountain, Lombak is in the months of May to August, keeping in mind the climatic conditions. Travel to Lombok, by taking a flight from Bali or Jakarta. A better option would be to make the two and a half hours rejuvenating journey on a boat from Padang Bai in Bali. On reaching there, the Bemo, or the minivans, which are meant for long distance transportation, will give you a ride to the Taman Narmada located in Mataram. After this trust your legs to take you up the hill to the fountains of youth!

Attractions in Lombok

When you are in such a beautiful place as the island of Lombok in Indonesia, it’s worth spoiling your travel plans a bit and spending one day more! You will be gifted with the Tanjung Aan, the Kuta Beach, the Bungin Island, Pottery Village and the Sukarare Village. You will love every moment of it!

Accommodation around the Youth Fountain, Lombok

If you are planning to spend the night in Lombok after a long day of traveling, then you need not worry at all. Being the capital city of the West Nusa Tungara province, Mataram has some of the best hotels in the country at your service. Make your choice from The Oberoi, Lombok, Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, Alang-Alang Boutique Beach Hotel, Intan Lombok Village, Jayakarta Lombok Beach Resort & Spa and the Sahid Legi Hotel.

The entry fee for the Taman Narmada is only Rp5000. That’s not too much to pay for getting everlasting youth! So, get going and get drenched in the “fountain of youth”.
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