Banyumulek, Lombok

Banyumulek, Lombok
Lombok, the famed island situated in West Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia, is a quaint backpackers paradise. Located in the vicinity of Bali, this tourist hotspot is fast gearing up to become one of the most coveted getaways. An ideal retreat in to the lap of nature, this majestic island is dotted with numerous attractions. It has something in store for everyone, catering to the shopaholics palate as well as the party hopper's.
All you gastronomes can sample some delectable delicacies, that are dished out by eateries. Dig into sumptuous Chinese and Indonesian fares that will leave your taste buds asking for more. Besides, you can also sample scrumptious tit bits.

Shopping in Lombok vouches to be a memorable one. Flecked with innumerable shopping joints, you can take your pick from an assortment of wares on display. Gift yourself an entirely new wardrobe or stack your bags with beautiful collector's items, on sale, in the bustling marketplaces of Lombok. Indigenous art and craft are on display and you can lay your hands upon lovely baskets, vibrant weaves and brilliant pottery among a host of others. Lombok's potters have carved out a niche for themselves in the whole world. The true connoisseur makes a beeline for Banyumulek of Lombok, to lay their hands on these splendid handcrafted artifacts. The region located in the western part of Lombok, scores a brownie point with tourists, who troop to its pristine environs all round the year. Cashing in on the tourism boom, the Government is pulling out all stops to woo backpackers to its lovely locales. You can master the craft of pottery by paying visit to Banyumulek, where you can catch glimpses of the potters, immersed in their craft, providing for a perfect photo opportunity. The colorful pots come in variegated shapes and sizes and they are among the most sought after souvenirs of Lombok. These pots are guaranteed to lend a whole new look to your cozy den. So, on your trip to Lombok, a visit to this lovely tourist joint is a must.

So, pack your bags, draw up your itinerary, and make a dash for this amazing destination.
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