Chlna Seas in Lombok

Chlna Seas in Lombok
Though Lombok is best known for its beaches and adventure sports, shopping here is not too interesting an idea. As the economy is mainly agricultural based, the place has a long way to develop. But to promote tourism industry, efforts have been taken to develop this aspect. Often described by visitors as the Aladdinas Cavea, the Chlna seas is a place to satisfy your shopping inquisitiveness. Chlna Seas, a fascinating shop housing many gift items, is a lovely place to carry out your shopping.
The place is one of the renowned places in Lombok for the beautiful and amazing range of furnishes.

People flock in great numbers to this place because of the vast array of items that housed here and that to at a very reasonably price.

What can you buy?

From the long list of items you surely can get a number of items of your choice. Starting from the small feng shui items you can find a large ceramic item.

You can find a number of items of wood, silk and paper, ceramic and glass. The three-legged frogs, mandarin ducks, crystals, red -stoned Buddha, and dragons are mostly likes by tourists. Japanese bowls, paintings, figurines, silken wall hangings are bought in great number by the tourists. Among the exclusive items visitors prefer buying Chinese craved wooden furniture and Javanese teak furniture. You must also buy the baskets that are made by the local people of Lombok.

Things available

You can avail for yourself a variety of items that belongs to almost all countries of the world. Do you want to pamper yourself with a typical Chinese item? Or do you want to get the sophisticated touch of an item that has a perfect Singaporean tinge. If your answer is yes, then come to Chlna Seas of Lombok.

This favorite marketing place in Lombok is there for you with its endless list of items that are from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. Lombok is also known for its potteries that has a unique style and beauty that is very distinct. Though a number of local shops sell potteries of various shapes, sizes and colors the Chlna Seas also has a remarkable collection of potteries.

Visit the Chlna seas to undergo a feel of the incredible land of Lombok.
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