Traditional Massage in Lombok

Traditional Massage in Lombok
Over the ages, Lombok has become a favorite haunt of the tourists for its spectacular golden beaches, scenic landscapes and tranquil ambience. Apart from its natural attractions, Lombok also offers a rejuvenating experience with its traditional Balinese Massage or Indonesian massage! While you sojourn to Lombok and treat yourself to its spellbinding beauty, also indulge in its exotic spa experience. You can drive your ailments and keep them at bay by applying the healing technique of Balinese massage.
The traditional massage or the Balinese massage comprises of long strokes, stretching, acupressure, skin rolling, palm and thumb pressure techniques and aromatherapy to reduce and relieve tension, ease stress, improve the flow of blood and enhance the oxygen and 'qi' (energy) in the body.

Balinese, the luxurious spa treatment includes a number of massage techniques and is partly related to Ayurveda, the holistic medical system of India. You can choose from the motley of Indonesian massages that combines ancient traditions and practices. Some renowned traditional massages are -

  -   Sasak massage
  -   Lombok massage
  -   Urat massage
  -   Balinese Boreh this Balinese massage is done with a preparation of a paste of ground spices and was introduced by rice farmers for reducing pain to ease pain.
  -   Javanese Lulur Ritual (traditionally performed on would-be brides.

How it works- A Balinese massage works in the following ways-

  -   It soothes damaged tissues and relieves strained muscles and joint pain by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic system.

  -   Balinese massage is very effective for sports injuries

  -   Balinese massage is helpful in healing muscle and joint pain, migraine, insomnia, stress, depression, allergies, asthma and other breathing problems.

  -   It calms your senses and gives you a relaxing feeling.

After these traditional massages you will find that your body has been healed, both physically as well as spiritually. You will be enlivened by the wonderful smell of aromatic oils and will cherish this relaxing and rejuvenating experience throughout your life!

However, the following precautions should be taken while indulging yourself in this holistic treatment and the therapist should be well informed in advance if you

  -   Are Pregnant or might conceive
  -   Have limb or joint pain
  -   Have recently undergone surgery or any other type of injury
  -   Have high or low blood pressure
  -   Have a history of heart problems or cardiac arrests
  -   Undergoing any form treatment

You can try the following places for having an exotic spa experience. Come and pamper yourself at these healing destinations.

  -   Lombok - Senggigi Beach Hotel-Mandara Spa
  -   Amoaras Spa
  -   Club Area Spa
  -   Hotel Vila Ombak
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