Getting to Lombok by Sea

Getting to Lombok by Sea
Getting to Lombok by Sea gives you two options, you can either take the public ferry enjoying the ride with the locals, or you can have a luxurious journey in the cruises. Now the choice is totally yours!
Getting to Lombok by sea in the Public Ferries:

Do you want to get the true feel of the beautiful island of Lombok? Then take the public ferries from Padang Bai in Bali. The ferries leave after every two hours and take you to the Lembar harbor in Lombok. No need to worry about booking tickets in advance, at all. Whenever you are available on the deck, the tickets are available for your service! With the ferry taking 4 to 8 hrs to reach Lombok, you will get plenty of time to let the fresh ocean breeze rejuvenate your system. The tickets come at a minimal rate of US$5.

If you really on a hurry to reach your destination then take the fast ferries from Benoa, in Bali to Lembar and reach Lombok in 2 hrs flat. It runs two twice in a day during season time, while during the off – season period, it runs only once per day. The tickets come at a slightly higher rate of US$25 or US$30, which is worth it considering the time it saves. The price of the ticket differs according to the class you are traveling in.

The ferry schedule is given below:

Traveling from Bali to Lombok
09.00 am
depart from Benoa Harbor (Bali)
09.30 am
arrival at Lembongan Island
10.00 am
depart from Lembongan Island
11.30 am
arrival at Senggigi, Lombok
12.00 am
depart from Senggigi, Lombok
12.30 am
arrival at Gili Meno Island

Getting to Lombok by sea in the Cruise:

Enjoy your travel to Lombok in the Bounty Cruise which leaves from Bali at 08.00 hrs and arrives in ‘Teluk Nara’ in Lombok at 10.30 hrs. This facility can be availed in the Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Even though the cruise is scheduled to arrive in Senggigi, the unpredictable weather conditions do not permit this. But, you need not worry about the transportation from the disembarking point. Your ticket includes the cost of transportation from ‘Teluk Nara’ to Senggigi. In this case, also, you have the option to choose from economy and executive class.

So, just sit back and enjoy getting to Lombok by sea!
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