Lombok Cidomo Service

Lombok Cidomo Service
The Lombok Cidomo Service provides transportation to both the tourists and the inhabitants of the islands. Now, you must be thinking, what exactly is a Cidomo? Well, don't be baffled by the name! It's only a simple horse cart!
The horse carts or the cidomos are the most popular mode of transportation in the island of Lombok in Indonesia. In Senggigi and Gillis the Cidomo is mostly used by the tourists. But in the other places in Lombok, the Cidomo is a very important means of transportation for the local travelers also.

If you have enough time to spare and you are in the mood for sightseeing in a relaxed manner, then Lombok Cidomo Service is the right option for you.

Keep your cameras ready to capture the moments of the trip in your lenses. The carts have a colorful appearance and are supported by a healthy pony to carry the load forward. Mr. Pony over here is very well looked after by his caretaker! After all, he provides his master with his livelihood.

The Lombok Cidomo Service is very popular amongst the visitors for the availability and the fun that the ride provides. The fare of taking a Cidomo ride often depends on two factors - whether the Cidomo is available or not and whether there is enough demand or not.
There is no dearth for the demand for Cidomo service in Lombok during the peak seasons. The price that you have to pay for taking a ride in the Cidomo for a short trip is 1000Rp, which may rise up to 1500Rp.

So, just sit back and enjoy the ride that Lombok Cidomo service has to offer.

Taking a look at the other modes of transportation in Lombok, you have the choice between the taxi, the Bemos and the Boats. Don't forget to be the pillion passenger in the Ojek. It's a memorable experience!
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