Lombok Taxi Service

Lombok Taxi Service
The Lombok Taxi Service is very well developed in Mataram, the capital of the beautiful Indonesian island. And you need not be apprehensive about the rates because all the taxis are metered. Moreover the drivers do not hesitate to employ the meters at all.
In Senggigi also, you will find taxis ruling the roads! Even though the Lombok taxi service is a recent entry into the Lombok transportation scenario, it has significant contribution to the improvement of the inland travel routes.

Blue Bird is the largest operator of Lombok taxi service. Other than this there are some other companies also, which are in the completion.

The normal meter down rate is Rp3, 850. After you have crossed the two km mark, for every hundred meter, you have to pay a few hundred Rupiah extra.

Knowing a bit of Sasak or Bahasa Indonesia helps a lot in finding your way in a taxi in Lombok, but if you don't know it, don't worry. The taxi drivers are expected to know English because Lombok is a very popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

Among the visitors, the most common way to get around the city is by the taxi due to its accessibility and dependability. The taxi drivers are very well behaved provided the riders are not in a mood to play mischief! You can easily get around the Mataram and Senggigi and visit all the places of attractions in a taxi. If your budget permits a little bit of overspending, then there is no harm in enjoying your travel by availing of the Lombok taxi service!

The other ways to get around the beautiful island of Lombok in Indonesia is by Bemos, which are mini buses. Enjoying the trip on the horse carts is also another way to know more about the island. And of course, boats cannot be overlooked since you are traveling in an island. If you know cycling then there's nothing like it! Hire a bicycle make your own way!
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