Behavior And Etiquettes In Lombok

Behavior And Etiquettes In Lombok
While you go Globetrotting it is vital to imbibe the culture and show respect towards the populace of the place by following them. To understand about the local cultures and customs it is mandatory to do a thorough research of the place before landing there to stop any discrepancies arising out of your ignorance. So before landing in Lombok be a part of its popular customs and cultures to enjoy more.
The world is a confluence of cultures and customs, to know a country, their culture and customs are enlightening and enriching as it unmasks their history, rich lineage and their stance on Life as a whole!

Lombok consists of Muslim hoi polloi, which entails certain restrictions, which you are requested to follow while you are there. The Sasak people are much more conservative by culture, not as liberalized as their famous Balinese counterparts. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for you to abide by, to have hassle free fun.

Do’s and Don’t for the Tourists

- There are certain areas of mosques that are inaccessible for non-Muslims, please follow the displayed signs.

- Conservative dress codes must be maintained especially while visiting Mosques or Shrines are. Women can wear dresses, with a sarong to cover up if need arises. Care must be taken to cover up the upper thigh and upper arms; you cannot wear halter tops and spaghetti outside tourist enclaves. Revealing clothes are a strict no no! The men in Lombok go swimming in full length pants and women go full covered even sporting a head gear. Thus if you are sporting low trunks or bare dare swimming suits you will be treated with disapproval from the general milieu, which you will agree is not a good image booster.

- Shoes must be removed when entering a mosque or temple. Prior to entering the house of your guest do make it a point to open your shoes.

- Do not enthrall yourself in the collection of coral or shells or the buy of any items made from these materials; help them conserve the fragile ecosystem.

- Do not engage in distribution of money or small gifts to children. Such behavior is shunned, so take care as it generates negative expectancies, and hampers Tourism.

- Make sure you do not purchase of any item made from endangered animal product.

- Do not use your right forefinger to point to people, places or give directions, use your right thumb with your four fingers folded underneath. It is a catch 22 situation for most Westerners but try imitating and you will learn soon.

- Make sure your soles of your shoes are not upturned facing people, food. This type of behavior shows disregard for the people and things, so take precaution.

- Eating with right hand is the common norm in restaurants and local homes, so make sure you eat properly. Right hand must also be used for greetings and while you handshake or pass gifts as the left hand is used for basic bodily functions and is thus its use is considered disdainful.

- Handshaking is customary for both men and women on introduction and greeting. Smile and greet people, especially elders

- Be aware that displays of any emotion publicly are prohibited.

- Accept hospitality and food, it is impolite to turn down any invitation. You are forced to eat but and goodbye and thank them when you leave.

- If you invited to someone’s house do take some presents.

- The nation has very harsh penalties when it comes to illegal drugs including marijuana and ecstasy, so make sure you do not carry any to enhance your experience in Lombok.

- Drivers in Lombok need to be 21-years or older to rent a car, and insurance is required In Indonesia they drive left of the road with the steering wheel on the right. Most of the cars are manual shifted, so be prepared when you arrive. Please bring your international drivers license, but a temporary driver’s license can be arranged.
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